Tapping Due to Neck Pain in BJJ: Rear Naked Choke or Neck Crank?

A common common reason excuse people give for tapping is that the pressure on their neck was too great to feel comfortable in a submission. So, they tap, and say something like, “Dude/Man/Bro….that was all neck crank.” We’ve all heard it. Aside from running to hand the person who just voluntarily submitted to a submission hold a tissue, how should we respond to such allegations of neck tomfoolery? Well, I’m here to tell you, aside from a can opener or a full nelson, any “neck crank” someone does to you is  probably the result of you putting your neck in a terrible position. To make a long story short, don’t use your chin to defend chokes and your chin/neck won’t hurt. Watch Braulio Estima explain here.



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