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Your brain is important. So important in fact that some people would say getting punched and kicked in it isn’t the best idea. I’d have to agree with this fact, but there is a way to do it safely.

Before you continue reading on I want to say that anyone who isn’t using headgear regularly to protect your face and hands is training improperly and in an unsafe manner.

Headgear is ESSENTIAL for any striking sports training, especially for kids and young adults.

4 Reasons Why You Need Headgear

1. Sparring always escalates.
Sparring, especially with kids, always eslcates and what started as light sparring turns into heavy contact sparring quickly unless intervened. It’s best to protect against that with proper head protection.

2. Protect your hands.
The head is hard and punching hard things with your hands can lead to wrist fractures and breaks. Headgear provides protection not only for the person getting hit but also the guy doing the hitting.

3) Protect your nose.
As a guy who has broken his nose three times, let me tell you it sucks. It shouldn’t be “part” of training, at least not safe training. Protect yourself.

4) Allows for full-contact sparring
If you are preparing for a competition or MMA fight you’ll need to do full force sparring once or twice a week. Without headgear you’ll be pulling your punches and practicing ineffectively. You need headgear in order to commit and train effectively for a real fight.

In summary, you need headgear because:

  • Sparring always escalates
  • You can protect your hands
  • You can protect your face
  • Allows for full-contact sparring

With that aside I’ve broken down my favorite 5 kinds of head gear. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

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